What is class golf?

How to play?

  • Students of one or more classes can participate in class golf
  • 4-5 students play in one team
  • Points are calculated based on the average number of strokes, so it is not important that the same number of students play on each team
  • The team with the best result will receive a golf gift card as a prize.

How much does it cost
and what is included?

  • 5€ / student
  • Score cards
  • Golf balls and putters
  • A gift card for the winning team

How many students
can participate?

  • We can accommodate 30 student at once.
  • The minimum number of participants is 12 (below this the cost of 12 students must be paid)

When can we come?

  • We are waiting for you on weekdays until 18:00

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