A unique golf experience in Pärnu!

Why to expect in
glowing minigolf?

OKOK GlowGolf Pärnu

We have 12 golf courses inspired by Estonian nature, sightseeings and four different seasons.

Glow golf is an exciting experience that is suitable for people of all ages, from toddlers to grandmothers.

OKOK GlowGolf Pärnu
OKOK GlowGolf Pärnu

The courses are equipped with a special UV light and an interactive environment that makes the game truly interesting to play.

GlowGolf – an exciting adventure for everyone.

OKOK GlowGolf Pärnu

GlowGOLF price list

  Mon-Fri until 18:00 Mon-Fri from 18:00 & Sat-Sun
One tournament* 9 EUR / person 11 EUR / person
With ISIC / ITIC card, pensioners 6 EUR / person 11 EUR / person

* The duration of one tournament is 30min – 60min depending on the number of players

*Weekend rates apply on public holidays